April 17, 2018

Intellectsoft Announces the Launch of Blockchain Lab

Intellectsoft blockchain lab

Palo Alto, California, April 17, 2018 — Intellectsoft, a full-cycle software development company with a strong focus on emerging technologies, has officially announced the launch of the Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab — an enterprise-grade blockchain consulting and custom blockchain development unit. As part of Intellectsoft Group, the lab consolidates over two years of experience in the distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and connects an extensive pool of engineering, cryptography, and cybersecurity talents.

Since 2007, Intellectsoft has been developing enterprise software solutions, constantly identifying emerging technologies that will elevate standards of living across the globe. In recent years, the company has been actively exploring the potential of the DLT industry for enterprises: high security, transparency and efficiency. During this period, Intellectsoft has completed a number of blockchain projects, including a mobile proximity payments platform on top of a Bitcoin platform, an ecommerce tokenization platform, and a P2P and cross-border payments system.

The company’s expertise, the emergence of IBM-certified blockchain experts, and the immense value of distributed ledgers created the need for a stand-alone development laboratory. Now it offers a range of DLT solutions: from consulting and delivery of custom blockchains to thought leadership and technology advocacy within the industry.

“From Walmart in retail, to EY and Maersk in insurance, blockchain is completely transforming the way businesses operate,” says Alexander Skalabanov, CEO of Intellectsoft and Board Member and Advisor of Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab. “Intellectsoft always leverages the latest technologies to give our clients a powerful competitive edge. Blockchain is by far one of the most promising technologies we have encountered since Day One in software engineering. Soon, the world is going to witness how blockchain can transform not only how we approach business, but also governmental institutions, non-profit organizations, and, eventually, the way we live. At Intellectsoft, we are eager to use our expertise, professionalism, and passion to help bring about this change. This is exactly what our Blockchain Lab will focus on.”

Nick Kurat was appointed Director of the Lab. His knowledge in building blockchain and enterprise solutions, as well as in delivering enterprise team extension services, will help the unit achieve its many goals.

“We believe that blockchain is catalyzing a true technological shift that carries tremendous potential for change,” says Nick Kurat. “Backed by Intellectsoft’s infrastructure, talent, and enterprise development background, we are committed to helping our clients build solutions that effectively solve business challenges with the power of blockchain technology.”

To learn more about Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab — visit blockchain.intellectsoft.net