April 12, 2018

Intellectsoft, Established Experts in Niche Tech, to Showcase at the World’s Largest Blockchain Event

intellectsoft blockchain experts

Intellectsoft, a full-cycle software engineering company that helps businesses worldwide to overcome gaps in digital transformation through innovation, will bring its expertise in Distributed Ledger Technologies and showcase the new Blockchain Lab at Blockchain Expo — the world’s biggest blockchain conference and exhibition. The event will take place at London’s Olympia on 18-19 of April and bring two days of best blockchain content from leading enterprises that embrace and develop blockchain solutions.


Michael Minkevich Tim Kozak
Board Director, Intellectsoft Head of Tech, Blockchain Lab
Keynote: Developing a Blockchain Ecommerce Platform Keynote: Witnessing the Evolution of Blockchain
Day 2 (April, 19): 16:00PM Day 1 (April, 18): 12:20PM
“Transforming Financial Services” Session “Developing Blockchain Applications” Session


Joining the keynote speakers from companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, and PWS, are our top-level executives and leading blockchain experts.

Michael Minkevich, Board Director at Intellectsoft, will share a case study about the development of a multi-product eCommerce platform based on digital tokens and a shared blockchain during ‘’Transforming Financial Services” session at 16:00 PM on Day 2.

Tim Kozak, Head of Technology at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab, will be at “Developing Blockchain Applications” session at 12:20 PM on Day 1 — to tell the attendees about the evolution of blockchain.

Blockchain Expo is a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and case studies with a focus on learning and building partnerships in the emerging and highly dynamic blockchain space.

Join Intellectsoft at the booth #38 to discuss how emerging technologies disrupt traditional businesses, as well as learn more about how to get access to the extensive expertise and big pool of engineering, cryptography, and cybersecurity talent at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab.

Discover all the capabilities of our Blockchain Lab.