This manufacturer innovates swimming through high-end swim equipment technology designed to help swimmers master technique and providing coaches with the toolkit for instructing and reinforcing the fundamental skills of swimming.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

Keeping track of workout statistics while swimming is tough and manually counting laps and time passed is nearly impossible while trying to focus on performance.

The swimming equipment manufacturer designed wearable hardware necessary to track key swimming statistics, but they needed the accompanying software to clearly report personalized data to the mobile devices of their users.

Intellectsoft built and launched a new iOS and Android application, which pairs with two different Bluetooth 4.0 BLE devices. The new software uses personalized reports and gamification to encourage users to continue exceeding their own standards in the pool.

Swimmers can set their own goals, view detailed reports of their workouts, synchronize their data on the web, and automatically record their swimming statistics.

Manually capturing workout statistics is now a thing of the past. Swimmers can strap on the company’s hardware and use the software built by Intellectsoft to create a user profile, track workout times, laps, and calories burned, and view detailed progress reports on the web. For them it means not only more insights into their workout, but less effort spent focusing on capturing time and laps, and more on what’s important: swimming.