May 22, 2018

Intellectsoft Launches Enterprise-First Augmented Reality Lab

Intellectsoft Augmented Reality Lab

Palo Alto, California, May 22, 2018 — Intellectsoft, a full-cycle software development company with a strong focus on emerging technologies, has officially announced the launch of the AR Lab — a development unit focused on augmented reality solutions, primarily for the construction industry. As a part of Intellectsoft Group, the lab consolidates over two years AR research and development and will help engineering companies achieve digital transformation.

Since 2007, Intellectsoft has been developing enterprise software solutions, constantly identifying emerging technologies that will substantially elevate key enterprise operations of its clients. In the recent years, the company has been doing research and development work in the field of AR, identifying that the technology unlocks new levels of efficiency, precision, speed, and comfort to industries where engineering and industrial design play a key role. Over this time, Intellectsoft’s AR experts, who form the newly established lab, have developed KADO — an actionable technology framework for the construction industry.

Having recognised on early development stages that KADO and AR hold immense potential, Intellectsoft has decided to create a stand-alone development laboratory. The AR Lab will help the architecture, engineering, and construction companies successfully transform their operations with AR, using the KADO technology framework. The lab’s team will also continue to expand the functionality of the framework to add new solutions, as well as extend its potential to new industries.

“Though AR is still in its young years, the technology is up and running at companies like Boeing, Porsche, and Ford. AR has transformed their key operations almost overnight, bringing tangible results and business value almost immediately. This is exactly what we are eager to bring to our clients with KADO and the AR Lab,” says Alexander Skalabanov, CEO of Intellectsoft.

Pavlo Bashmakov, who took a pivotal part in the development of KADO, was appointed the Head of the Lab. His extensive experience in software engineering and delivering enterprise solutions with advanced technologies will help the Lab achieve its goals.

“In terms of bringing practical value and solving long-standing problems across industries, augmented reality is the most promising enterprise technology right now,” says Pavlo Bashmakov. “With Intellectsoft’s infrastructure, technological expertise, and deep enterprise development background, we will help our clients create advanced AR solutions that will solve their crucial issues in a practical and comfortable transformation.”

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